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Tuesday Tip!  April 22, 2014 

In celebration of Earth Day, let’s appreciate the EARTH! 


FRIDAY FUN! April 18, 2014

 Easter EGG FUN!


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Tuesday Tips

Tips every week- helpful tips to improve or train smarter in synchronized swimming!

Tuesday Tip!

Check out our new Tip every Tuesday! Tips on technique, training, flexibility, strength training, synchro figures, synchro routines, land drill, swimming training and more!

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Synchro Faster Higher Stronger Training & Workouts for Synchronized Swimming-DIGITAL
Figure Drills 3 Pack: 12 & u, 13-15, & Junior- Digital
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2014 FINA Figures in Production!

 Use as a coaching and teaching aid to instruct synchronized swimmers! View sequential positions to learn and teach torso, leg and sculling techniques! Learn the mental strategies of the best synchronized swimmers so you can reach your potential! Use these images that are nearly perfect to visualize your own figures! 

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Sample Movie

Watch figure movies on your iPhone, iPod, iPad, Kindle, PC or Mac. Watch every day at the pool, at home, in the car driving to practice! Then imagine yourself performing the same way. Visualization works! Imagine being a mermaid in the pool!

Double your practice time just by visualizing. Utilize our images to be the perfect synchronized swimmer. Do perfect synchro figures and synchro routines.

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