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FRIDAY FUN! April 18, 2014

 Easter EGG FUN!

Balance or Hold Easter eggs while you do laps, spins, ballet legs, pikes, etc. 

  1. Balance eggs on your back or stomach in layouts or for laps of back scull, front scull or torpedo.
  2. Balance an egg on your flexed foot for a ballet leg lap.
  3. Hold an egg between your ankles for a lap of double ballet legs.
  4. Hold an egg between your legs and stomach as you somersault in a compact pike position.
  5. Hold an egg between your ankles in a vertical. Rise up and down or add a twist.
  6. Hold an egg between your ankles while you spin!


Have FUN and be creative. Balancing or holding an egg (or ball) can help with alignment, stability, posture and muscle tension!


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